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We give you the choice to get full-service real estate or only the services you need.

A comparable market analysis (CMA) can help you to choose the best price to list your home.


Say goodbye to paying 6% commissions and hello choices.


Friealtor started with the idea of a la carte real estate services. This means you have the choice to choose from full service or just the services you would like us to handle.

Real estate fees are not required, customary, or general. You always have the choice to pick and choose the services you would like to handle and the ones you don’t. Friealtor makes it clear and easy to decide.

Expert Advice

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Friealtor has licensed real estate agents, vendors, and attorneys to help you sell your home in record timing.

Industry Tools and Technology

Full-Service Real Estate

Friealtor keeps the real estate sales process easy and seamless. Which in turn reduces the stress of a real estate transaction, while helping to get the closing table sooner.

Get offers from buyers in real-time. Anywhere. Anytime.

Never miss out on a buyer’s offer because your listing agent is out of town, at dinner, or forgot to check their email. Friealtor provides you with offers as they comes in 24/7 365 days.
Its like we’re always awake…

Vendor Network

We bring the vendors straight to you. Get pricing, quotes, and speak directly to qualified professionals.

Reduced fees and full service.

Don’t pay 6% or 5% to sell your home. Friealtor will list your home with all the services, tools, and advice you need to make the right decision. We give you everything you need to sell your home quickly and save thousands.

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