Who is William McCoy?


William McCoy began his career in real estate career while still in college. While working for his mentor and broker in 2007, William was advised that the market was going to crash. The mentor highly recommended that he looks into other forms of real estate such as property management. He took the advisement and worked for a top real estate brokerage for a few years while doing sales and property management as the market recovered.

William learned a lot about the real estate industry and took the time to sharpen his own investment knowledge. During this time, he purchased, flipped, and sold several of his own properties as well as helped clients do the same. With the experience of being a top agent in the brokerage and senior property manager, he decided that it was time to open his own firm.

In 2010, William opened his own his brokerage and became a top selling independent broker within just a few years. He also created a web application that allowed owners and buyers to save thousands of dollars during a transaction. It has been William’s goal to provide real estate services to clients at an affordable rate since he first opened his brokerage and is still his mission now.

William has been listed on Yahoo Finance, Benziga, and the Washington Business Journal. He is a regular contributor on Zillow’s Q&A, Nextdoor, and host of the podcast The Real Pros of DC. On his YouTube Channel William McCoy – Real Estate Broker and Instagram @realwilldmv he provides free tips to 1000s of people.

William graduated from American University – Kogod School of Business with a master’s degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Data Analytics. He is a licensed real estate broker in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, and owner of the firm Friealtor [Friend+Realtor]. He lives in Hyattsville, Maryland with his wife Marissa who are both in love with the DC Metro area and the workout program CrossFit.

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