How Should My Friealtor Agent Be Marketing My Home For Sale?

When selling a home, marketing is the most important factor that will lead to a successful sale. A very popular FAQ from home sellers relates to real estate marketing and how their real estate agent markets their home.

Unhappy sellers often complain that their real estate agent isn’t marketing their home properly. Here at Friealtor, our agents believe in the importance of sellers understanding the marketing strategy for their home. If you’re selling a home or thinking about it and you’re wondering would like to know how we market your property, this is the article for you. 

Local Online Community Forums

Depending on your location, online community forums, such as Nextdoor and Patch have a large readership. These online communities have a dedicated real estate section with local homes for sale, information on upcoming open houses, and other helpful tools. The online community has been consistently growing over the past several years. And these companies have realized the internet’s reach and have shifted focus to niche communities. It’s proven that when a home is advertised for sale, the web traffic remains for a few days after the ad ends.  If a potential buyer sees a home for sale on one of these community forums, the first thing they will do is search online to learn more. We at Friealtor, place your home on these forums to ensure visibility in your home’s neighborhood.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful place to advertise your home. We place your home on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. We then use pictures and hashtags (ex. #beautifulcapecod #mustseehome #hyattsvillemd) to create buzz about your home. People then share these listings with friends and family producing exponential growth. We have even had influencers with 100s of thousands of followers repost our clients’ listings. Who knows, your home could go viral!

Pictures and Video

Friealtor understands the value of pictures and video. According to Zillow listings that sell the quickest are ones with pictures. Forbes states, that ‘80% of all web traffic is now video.’ This means that video is super important in marketing a home. Friealtor gives our clients professional pictures as well as video walk-through. By doing so, we push your listing to the top of Google’s search engine getting you more eyeballs and potentially more showings.

Postcard & Direct Mail Marketing

Postcard distribution is a great opportunity to inform neighbors of a listing. Neighbors who receive the card may know of someone looking for a home in their neighborhood.  An informative postcard can easily be passed on to someone who potentially is looking for a home. At Friealtor, we believe one of the things that sellers should expect from their real estate agent is a creative marketing strategy.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies For Maximum Online Exposure

Did you know that over 90% of homebuyers begin their search online?  Friealtor has a strong online presence that helps you sell your home fast. So if you thinking about selling your home, speak with one of our agents today and save full-service real estate with our 1% listing fee.